Contacts Database

At the heart of OfficeNet Workplace™ is the powerful Contact Database. The intelligent software gathers all the latest information for each client, supplier and project, through a user-friendly interface that is integrated with all aspects of the system.

Selecting a name from a list will display - status, appointments, every document sent or received, account transactions and balances, job costing and even a telephone log. Templates can also be added allowing documents to be instantly created and sent at the touch of a button.

With its user-adaptable interface, the OfficeNet Contacts Database offers the flexibility to meet any corporate environment; users can also add customer fields to match their own requirements.

  • For each company, there is only one record created.  Each company contact is stored against the company record.
  • Single contact entry on the system avoids duplication.
  • Unlimited numbers of custom data fields can be created against a company record.
  • Shows current and previous projects for this company.
  • Lists all documents (all file types) stored against this company in date order
  • Create / view/ amend documents for this company (automatically saved to this company).
  • Store ‘services’ against a company record for quick find directory listing.
  • Search & filter company records by field.
  • CTI integration for one click telephone dialing.