Multi Location / Multi User

OfficeNet Workplace™ is designed for multi-location and multi-user access. Whether you are off-site and using a PDA, on your home PC or at a site location anywhere in the world, secure access with definable restrictions are all accommodated within the system.

Workplace™ is suitable for companies with 3 to 3000 users and becomes the very heart of your business operation. All users must log-on to begin work and they perform their daily duties from within the system. This means every action is recorded in log files, data doesn't get lost and every file and version is automatically recorded when it is created or amended. The system provides you with data audit trails for added security and has full back-up system available for disaster recovery and rapid deployment.

There is a myriad of time related features that can be utilised to meet your business needs, e.g. staff can logon and off a project by simply sending a text message from their mobile phone; OfficeNet Workplace™ can add the time and date for that person to the project time sheet, the hours can then be automatically calculated and included in the accounting package.