Project Management

Searching by the ‘Projects’ or ‘Companies’ button allows the user to instantly find every document, record and piece of information ever stored. Information such as appointments, letters, faxes, emails, drawings, notes, payments, etc can all be saved by a company name and a project name, enabling two ways to retrieve information.

If the optional CTI package is installed, clicking a telephone number within companies, projects or anywhere else in OfficeNet Workplace™ will automatically dial the number for you.

The ‘Projects’ button provides easy access to all information relating to a project. Information on the following areas of project management can be accessed at the click of a button to provide an instant progress overview:

  • Easily find project details, contracts, subcontractor information, location and finance details.
  • View any contact or organisation associated with the project.
  • See enquiries sent to sub-contractors and tracking enquiries received from other companies.
  • View all relative documents as a single list.
  • See all notes and appointments for a project.
  • Create unlimited numbers of custom fields against project records.

Similarly the ‘Companies’ feature provides easy access to all the information relating to a specific company.

  • Details of the company including physical location.
  • Services provided.
  • Documents relating to the company (including projects).
  • Contacts of the company.
  • Notes on the company.
  • Appointments.