OfficeNet Mail

OfficeNet Mail™ is a fully integrated mail client. Emails are received and sent within the OfficeNet Workplace™ system; there is no longer a need for a third party mail client.

Email is dealt with centrally eliminating the need for separate address books - addresses are selected directly from the central contacts database. Each user has their own folder system that includes: Inbox, Sent, Personal and Trash. The system also has preview panes and many familiar features.

Outgoing email can be filed as it’s sent; incoming mail can be dragged and dropped into a relevant project folder, which is created by the user. All correspondence is automatically added to the company / project database record for later retrieval.

Permissions can be added to view other users inboxes, as well as being able to respond to email on their behalf. This is ideal for holidays, secretaries or managers.

  • Simple easy to use system with familiar folder system.
  • Completely integrated system – unlike competitors who use third party email clients.
  • No more individual address books – email contacts stored centrally in the database for all to use.
  • Emails easily allocated against company or project with simple drag and drop filing including attachments.
  • Ability to view others inboxes from your own desk top (with permission).
  • File attachments easily added to outgoing mail from OfficeNet Workplace or network locations.